Integral Blinds

High quality cordless and wandless blinds built to exacting 21st century specifications – welcome to a new generation of elite quality integral blinds!

You simply will not believe the difference our sealed unit blinds can make to any home, office, commercial property or really any building in general until you see and experience them first-hand. When it comes to convenience, ease of operation and awe-inspiring good looks alike, there’s really nothing that comes close.

So, if you’ve been considering stepping up to a new standard of internal blinds in Brighton and beyond, Ace Glass Southern has exactly the products you’ve been looking for.


Innovative Technology

Controlled by two very discrete and powerful magnets, our internal blind systems are like none you’ve encountered before. But in order to understand why our wandless and cordless integral sealed unit blinds are such an ideal product for homes and working environments alike, it’s necessary to revisit the problems with conventional blinds.

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds and vertical blinds have their benefits, though, at present, there are several inescapable drawbacks including:

  • They gather dust and dirt quickly and abundantly, which in turn calls for regular and often long-winded cleaning processes.
  • They tend to flap around and make a fair amount of noise even in the slightest of breezes. During the summer months therefore, this can get quite annoying when the windows are open.
  • Conventional blinds get damaged easily, especially with children around. Even in many office buildings, conventional blinds do not last for long and gradually become worn out, faded and unsightly.
  • Conventional blinds can be a fire or safety hazard in their own right.
  • Certain types of blinds take away essential window sill space as they need room to lower or to rotate.

Bespoke Blind Solutions

We approach each and every project uniquely in accordance with the needs, tastes and budgets of our customers – we’ve never believed in one-size-fits-all packages.

Visit our showroom today for a close look, or give the Ace Glass Southern team a call.