Made to measure mirrors from the UK’s finest glaziers, enhance your home with Ace Glass Southern!

There’s really nothing better than a mirror when it comes to maximising natural light and generally giving your home a spacious, airy and uplifting feel. Of course, mirrors serve an important practical purpose too, but when approached proactively can become some of the home’s most genuinely effective and outstanding features.



Bespoke Mirrors from Ace Glass Southern

We’ve been creating and retailing bespoke mirrors in Sussex for longer than most glazing brands have been in business. With a full 40 years of experience serving the community we offer mirrors that are:

  • Unique Mirrors from Exclusive Suppliers
  • Bespoke Order of All Shapes and Sizes
  • Affordable Prices Across the Board
  • Optional Installation Services
  • Mirror Depths of 4 mm and 6mm
  • Bronze, Grey, Silver and Antique Tints

Our company has developed not only a unique skills set guaranteeing the best results every time, but an exclusive network of suppliers to keep prices as low as possible. Quite simply, you will not find more affordable or capable service creating bespoke mirrors anywhere else across the south.

We cover Brighton, Worthing & West Sussex.


Unique Home Enhancements

Creating an interior décor theme that’s not only unique but a reflection of who you are as a person is often difficult or even impossible when opting for generic store-bought features. They may look attractive enough, but having been made for the masses and already installed in thousands of homes across the UK, they really don’t say a great deal for your uniqueness and individuality.

By contrast, choose our affordable and brilliantly beautiful bespoke mirrors across Sussex and you’re guaranteed a unique decorative touch that’s 100% exclusive to you and you alone.

We’d be delighted to help bring a unique interior enhancement to your home – give us a call today to find out more.