Shower Screens

Bring a beautiful new dynamic to your home’s bathroom with a bespoke shower screen from Ace Glass Southern.

We specialise in uniquely stunning glass shower screens in Brighton, Sussex and Surrey. Our products are created and installed in accordance with the exact needs of our clients.

With a dizzying amount of mass-produced generic products stocked in hardware stores across the UK, it takes real experts like us for something more special and refined.

We offer the latest designs in frameless shower screens which are uniquely elegant and understated. They are guaranteed to fit the bill ideally with almost any existing bathroom décor and can transform any ordinary bathroom into a truly luxurious living space.



Convenience and Brilliance

Each of the our bespoke shower screens can be treated with Clear Shield in order to deliver a uniquely effective non-stick property to its surface, without in any way affecting the clearness and brilliance of the glass. Once applied, the result is one of exceptional convenience and improved hygiene made possible by a coating that actually repels water actively.

With Clear Shield applied, your glass shower screen will:

  • Be easier to clean
  • Remain much cleaner for longer
  • Have a much longer lifespan
  • Look incredible with little to no maintenance
  • Stay fresh, hygienic and healthy day in and day out


It seems like such a small change to make, but the difference a quality frameless shower screen can make to your bathroom as a whole is quite extraordinary. And with our company behind the project, it can be incredibly easy and affordable too!

You’ll be glad you came to us – give us a call today.