Benefits of Installing Double Glazing

qua_orang_149As energy prices soar, you’re probably trying to think of ways to save money in the home. Double glazing isn’t new, so it’s easy to overlook its importance, but it’s an extremely efficient way to conserve heat and lower your bills.

If you’re still living in a home that only has single pane glass, like many of the old Regency houses in Brighton, you’re probably no stranger to hearing about the benefits of having them upgraded.
Granted, it’s going to cost you money but will it be worth it? Here’re five benefits of having double glazing installed, for your home and your bank balance.

9F9S0077[1]1. Cheaper Bills

If you own single pane windows, it’s likely you’re losing a lot of heat through them. If your windows are old, they’re prone to defects such as draughts and small gaps. You’re throwing money down the drain. When you heat your home using either gas central heating or electric heat, you’ll need to have it on for longer and at a higher temperature to feel the benefit.
Double glazing retains the heat within the home, which means less will be needed. Therefore, your bills will decrease. For example, if you’re living in a semi-detached home in Brighton you could save up to £110 per year.

2. Greener Home

More people are becoming concerned with their individual carbon footprint. Installing energy-efficient windows within your home will not only benefit you but also the planet. You’ll use less energy, therefore lowering your footprint.

3. Cosy and Warm

Double glazing will keep you and your family warm and toasty over the autumn and winter months. There will be far fewer cold spots thanks to its construction and design, so it’s great for banishing those notoriously draughty rooms or hallways, which otherwise means cranking up those radiators or not using the space at certain times of the year.

DSCF0763-ab[1]4. Reduce Noise

If you’ve got noisy neighbours or live close to a busy main street, double glazing will help to reduce this disruption. Single pane glass is not very effective at shielding you from outside noise.

5. Less Condensation

Older buildings tend to suffer from condensation, leading to pesky mould and damp. This isn’t to say that you won’t get any condensation with double glazing, but it will be far less on the inside.
Double glazing comes in a variety of different looks and specifications. It’s also possible to pick it based on its energy rating, which is run by the British Fenestration Rating Council.
If you’re in the Brighton area and thinking of installing double glazing, get in touch with Ace Glass Southern today for help and advice.

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