Here at Ace Glass Southern, we’re proud to offer access not only to the finest aluminium windows in Brighton¸ but also to the most advanced and exclusive door systems and glazing products in the whole of the UK. Supplied by AluK, a global leader in aluminium fabrication technology, each product we offer is backed by an exceptional brand pedigree and over 40 years of experience in the field.

Cutting-Edge Commercial Aluminium

In conjunction with AluK, we offer access to a comprehensive range of commercial aluminium products including windows, doors, curtain walling and ground floor treatment systems.


Curtain Walling System

Curtain walling systems from AluK have made iconic and prestigious buildings all over the world possible. Lightweight, strong, dependable and infinitely flexible in order to meet with exacting specifications, so many modern buildings the world over have benefited enormously from AluK curtain walling systems.

Window Systems

AluK is also a globally recognised name in the production and supply of bespoke aluminium windows systems of commercial-grade quality. Achieving the perfect balance of performance and aesthetic prowess, the final result is never anything short of spectacular.

Door Systems

Built with safety and security in mind, door systems from AluK set the bar incredibly high for the rest of the industry and have received the endorsement and acclaim of leading security services.

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows and Doors

  • Strength – Aluminium is approximately 43 times stronger than wood and three times stronger than even the best uPVC on the market.
  • Low Maintenance – As aluminium will not crack, split, warp or swell over time, it requires next to no maintenance for the long-term.
  • Aesthetic Quality – For modern buildings in particular, there really is no other material that looks quite as stunning as high-grade aluminium which can be finished in almost any style and colour imaginable.
  • Affordable – When considering the array of benefits on offer, aluminium is a supremely affordable choice and one that delivers outstanding long-term value for money.

For details on our aluminium products you may call us at 01273686968 and a member of our team would be happy to speak with you!