Aluminium Conservatories

The right aluminium conservatory can be the rewarding and fulfilling investment of a lifetime – Ace Glass Southern offers the best aluminium conservatories in Brighton, Sussex and Surrey!

Our Aluminium conservatories will not only increase the living space of your home throughout the year, they’ll also increase its value – both aesthetically and financially. Our conservatories are a beautiful combination of superb aesthetics, versatility and creative engineering.


Unique Properties

With such a wide variety of materials to choose from when going about your conservatory selection process, what makes aluminium stand out?

For example:

  • Strength – Aluminium is the strongest of all current building materials used to create bespoke conservatories, At the same time incredibly light and thus less problematic than other materials to install.
  • Lifespan – Being incredibly resistant to the harshness of the outdoor elements and promising not to crack, chip, warp or generally lose integrity over time, an aluminium conservatory is guaranteed to go the distance like nothing else.
  • Aesthetics – There’s simply no denying that a stunning aluminium conservatory represents the height of good taste and sophistication, with the king of elegantly understated beauty that’s compatible with almost any home style.
  • Value for Money – An aluminium conservatory is not only affordable to buy in the first place, but when considered as a long-term investment for the home represents genuinely outstanding value for money.

From Consultation to Aftercare

Here at Ace Glass Southern, nothing matters more to us than making sure you get the conservatory of your dreams at the right price. That’s why we’ll be on hand to help every step of the way, right from choosing which area of the home to install the conservatory to the materials best-suited to your needs and right through to getting you the best deals on aluminium conservatories.

Give the team a call today for a chat, or pop into our showroom in Brighton.