Swimming Pool Enclosures

Converting your outdoor swimming pool into a functional year-round asset for the home has really never been easier. With a little help from Ace Glass Southern, we can bring you and the whole family the most exclusive and luxurious swimming pool enclosures Sussex has to offer.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Home swimming pools can be fantastic investments, but the UK's climate often makes it impossible to use the pool for much of the year. Even with the highest-end heating technology, it’s still difficult to make things pleasant and accessible enough for the family to get any real use out of the pool. As such, thousands of pools across Britain are going unused, month after month.

Here at Ace Glass Southern we've got the ideal solution – a superior quality swimming pool enclosure to transform your pool into the year-round asset it should be. Along with standard home conservatories, we’re able to design, supply and install incredibly beautiful large-scale enclosures, suitable for all standard-sized home pools. When we install swimming pool enclosures, we effectively extend the customer’s home in order to transform the external pool area into a pleasant and protected interior living space.


Cutting-Edge Design

We're extremely proud to put our name to the most stunningly attractive swimming pool enclosures on the market today. Manufactured using the finest quality materials and installed by the most comprehensively professional team in Britain, we offer swimming pool enclosures that bring the home a permanent and powerful new visual dynamic.

Built Around You

To discuss a project of your own give our dedicated team a call today and find out just why the Ace Glass Southern name is the only name you’ll ever need.