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Why A Conservatory Is Perfect For The Summer

A conservatory is a great investment that can add living space, natural light and value to your home. It gives you the chance to enjoy your garden all year round, even during the colder winter months. However, a conservatory isn’t just for winter; it’s a worthy addition to your home that helps you to make the most of long summer days. Here’s why:

Extra Living Space

A conservatory is not just an extra room. It’s a wonderful living space filled with natural light that allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Many conservatories can be built with folding bi-fold doors that you can fold them right back and roof openings to let in the sunshine and fresh air so you can enjoy the long summer days without leaving the house.

Conservatory BrightonOutdoors/In

A conservatory is ideal for connecting your main house with the garden so you won’t feel cramped or closed inside during the summer months. It’s the perfect venue for BBQ’s, summer cocktail parties or for a relaxed dinner with a group of friends.

If you work from home, why close yourself off in a stuffy office and miss out on the beautiful summer weather? Use your conservatory as your workplace so you can still enjoy your garden even while you’re working.

Alternatively, by setting your conservatory up as a dining area, you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast, long lunch or dine under the stars without being pesky bugs causing a nuisance. You’ll enjoy mealtimes far more and appreciate more time with family and friends rather than sitting down in front of the TV. Whats more, your conservatory is the perfect spot to enjoy a summer cocktail. You’ll feel like you’re on holiday in your own home!


One of the biggest benefits of a conservatory during the summer is our unpredictable weather. Summer can vary from dull, rainy days to blistering heatwaves. Even if it’s raining, you can enjoy your outdoor areas without getting wet. The glass panes also offer UV protection so in hotter weather you can feel like you’re outdoors without worrying about sunburn.

However, no matter how hot the days get, it can still turn chilly in the evenings. A conservatory allows you to carry on socialising, eating, listening to music or even playing cards while still enjoying the summer evenings in comfort.

For more information and advice on adding a conservatory to your Brighton home, contact Ace Glass Southern today, or visit us online to view our full range of conservatories and products.

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