Aluminum Doors

Strong, resilient and stunningly beautiful aluminium doors from the UK’s leading brand – Ace Glass Southern is proud to work with AluK.

Protecting Your Assets

We’ve been supplying and fitting aluminium doors in Sussex for decades now and have come across a variety of quality specifications. However, never have we encountered a brand that ticks all the right boxes quite like AluK – a globally-recognised leader in superior aluminium technology. That’s why when Ace Glass Southern talks aluminium doors today, we’re of course talking AluK doors.

Every Style, Every Home

What’s truly remarkable about the aluminium doors on the market right now is the endless range of styles, colours and general finishes to choose from. It’s never been easier to find the perfect doors to suit the interior and exterior aesthetic of any home, regardless of how unique or unusual the property may be.

ALUK 58BD Aluminium Door Systems

Recognised as the benchmark for the industry as a whole to go by, the ALUK 58BD aluminium door system is the epitome of quality, style and versatility.
Stunning to look at and uniquely robust, these doors represent long-term investments the likes of which are genuinely worth their weight in gold.


  • Multiple configurations and styles to suit every environment
  • Unique Polyamide Euro groove design
  • Beautiful aesthetic touches to accentuate visual appeal
  • Fully compatible with most standard locking hardware
  • Access control devices and restrictors can be applied
  • Available with PAS23 / PAS24 upgrade or as a standard door
  • Enhances security provided with multi-point locks
  • Locks and locking points are concealed for added security
  • 'Secured by Design' certified


  • Deep and slim outer frames, fully compatible with 58BW window system
  • 28mm to 44mm glazing size range
  • Low threshold option to comply with Building Regulation Part M
  • Extensive additional hardware range available
  • Various colour and finish options including anodized finishes, polyester power coating and dual-colour options

Comprehensive Service

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