Bi-Folding Doors

Ace Glass Southern offers the best bi-folding doors in Brighton! Our wide range of products is the epitome of classic design and 21st century innovation brought together in exquisite harmony.

Making the Most of Your Home

As the name implies, what separates the bi-folding door from all other conventional types of door is that the system has an additional hinge to facilitate a twin-folding action. The result of this is the ability to essentially remove the wall as a whole when and where the mood takes you, incorporating together the indoors and the outdoors in quite beautiful harmony.


Maximum Compatibility

We supply and install bi-folding doors that are compatible with most modern homes. Quite simply if you already have a patio door installed or an opening that leads directly out into an exterior living space, chances are you could benefit enormously from the installation of a bi-folding door system.

Though considered a relatively new innovation, modern bi-folding doors have been on the market for around 30 years now and have been consistently improved and upgraded with each passing year. The result is the incredibly beautiful and wonderfully durable structures of today which not only take your home’s beauty and functionality to new heights, but also work wonders for security.

Endless Styles, All Tastes

What’s even more incredible about these doors is that while the folding system may be simple, there are in fact over 100 different ways the doors can be installed and operated. Some open inward, some outward, some fold left, others right and so on – whatever it takes to bring the perfect system to your home is 100% possible.

New technology has enabled this type of doors to become every bit as strong, secure and robust as any other types around the home. Material choices range from uPVC to aluminium, with various specifications on offer to suit all budgets across the board.

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