Composite Doors

High quality composite doors in Brighton and Worthing – Ace Glass Southern guarantees the industry's most elite products at very competitive prices


Security and Style

We offer high quality composite doors installed throughout our local service areas. Our front and back doors for homes are the most secure ones in the market, with police-approved locking systems as standard feature. Our products are available in a huge range of colour, glass and style options, letting you create the perfect entrance to your home.

Ace Glass Southern offers 2 types of composite doors - the industry-leading Hallmark and Solidor ranges.


Solidor is considered the UK’s leading manufacturer of solid timber-core composite doors, which offer a unique balance of beauty, energy efficiency and solid security. The doors are available in a range of 17 colours, hundreds of different designs and with enough accessories and handles to make thousands of wholly unique final products.

With a thickness of 48mm, composite doors from Solidor are at least 10% thicker than most leading rival brands. Not only does this allow for incredible security, but also reduces exterior noise and contributes to supreme energy efficiency.


Built to last and carrying the pedigree of a world-leader in home security, Hallmark composite doors are quite simply astounding. With a superb thickness of 44mm and a solid core of envirofoam which gives an insulation U value of 0.3, these doors are again on another level when it comes to energy efficiency, noise reduction and general protection from exterior elements.

The Hallmark door is famed across the UK for presenting one of the most uniquely stunning final finishes, with the wood-effect finish in particular being about the most realistic you’re ever likely to come across.

A Choice, Not a Compromise

It’s really impossible to go wrong by choosing either Hallmark or Solidoor products as both are highly reputed as the UK’s finest. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.