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Different Types Of Window Frames

Choosing new windows for your home can depend on various factors. Although windows frames are usually chosen according to the style and age of your property, other factors such as energy efficiency, security and maintenance requirements are also important.

If you’re not sure of the type of window frame that would best suit your home and your budget then here’s a quick guide to help you choose.


Softwood timber such as Douglas Fir is an option for those who want timber windows on a limited budget. Softwood is usually painted to protect it however, it’s pretty high maintenance as it requires repainting every few years and is more susceptible to moisture penetration.

Window Fitters BrightonHardwood is more durable and will last a lot longer. Oak is a popular option, especially for period properties. It should be stained rather than painted over to preserve it’s naturally beautiful look. However, its 4 times more expensive than softwood.

All timber frames are susceptible to warping and shrinking over time and moisture penetration can eventually lead to wood rot, especially on the cills.


UPVC windows are the most affordable option, not just to buy and install. They have exceptional thermal efficiency and can dramatically help reduce your fuel bills. They are ideal for high traffic areas where outside noise is an issue. Long lasting and durable, they are practically maintenance free and will never need painting. UPVC windows come in a range of different designs suitable for both modern and traditional style properties.


Popular in contemporary style properties, aluminium windows are available in almost every colour imaginable. They are more attractive than standard white UPVC and can be designed with thinner frames for a minimalist look.

Window Fitters Brighton43 times stronger than wood, aluminium frames are built to last. They provide superior security protection for your home as well as offering excellent thermal performance. They will never need repainting or varnishing and only require a quick wipe with a sponge to keep them looking like new.


Residence 9 composite windows have all the benefits of aluminium and UPVC combined with the aesthetic beauty of real wood. They are so authentic that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from real timber frames. Residence 9 can be used in conservation areas without ruining the traditional look of a period property. They’re a more expensive option but their exceptional energy savings and stunning looks make them a worthy investment.

For more information on our ranges of UPVC, aluminium and Residence 9 windows, contact Ace Glass Southern today.

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