Double Glazing Sussex

The Beauty Of Modern Double Glazing

Double Glazing Sussex

There was a time when double glazing was considered a garish and ugly addition to a home, cheapening the look of a property and even going so far as to putting prospective buyers off and reducing the overall value of a property. White, plastic frames were thought to be totally incongruous, ruining the aesthetic appeal, especially in older settings.
But times have changed…
Read on to find out how modern double glazing technology and designs not only look fantastic, enhancing the look of any kind of property, no matter what its age, but can also reduce energy costs while increasing the value of your home.


Residence 9


Double Glazing Sussex

Residence 9 are the creme de la creme of double glazing window systems. These state-of-the-art systems give you the best of both worlds: stunning designs and finishes in a wide range of colours combined with the energy and security benefits of a double glazed system.
Residence 9 windows can be configured to meet your needs without losing the aesthetic and traditional look of your property.
The real-wood look is so authentic that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from timber; until it comes to a warmer home and reduced energy bills!
Residence 9 windows come in a range of different styles to suit both traditional and contemporary properties. They are also approved to be used in conservation areas.


Conservatories And Orangeries

Double Glazing SussexDouble glazed conservatories and orangeries create a comfortable and stunning looking living space all year round, adding additional space to your home. Available in a range of styles and finishes and frames such as UPVC or aluminium, these rooms add a refined touch that dramatically increase the value of your property.


Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows will not only last a lifetime, but are available in a range of styles and designs including traditional sash openings.

Perfect for both traditional and contemporary buildings, aluminium frames can also freshen up a tired looking property by giving it a dynamic, clean and modern look.



Double Glazing SussexDouble glazed windows don’t just look good; they have excellent thermal properties, helping to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. They also provide a superior level of security with toughened glass panes and multi-point locking systems. If correctly installed, they are almost maintenance free, they’ll never need re-painting and are incredibly quick and easy to clean.

Beautiful, practical and functional; double glazed windows are a worthy investment that will help you save money over time. For more information on our full range of products, contact Ace Glass Southern today.

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