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Double Glazing Is Not Just For Winter

We all know about the benefits of double glazing in the winter: it keeps your house warmer, prevents heat loss, is more energy efficient and reduces heating bills. However, double glazing is also effective during the warmer summer months. Here’s why:


Double glazing keeps out extreme heat during hot summer days, giving you pleasantly cooler temperatures indoors. Heatwaves are becoming more frequent in the UK over the summer and double glazing prevents the sunshine that pours through your windows from overheating your rooms.

Double Glazing Windows BrightonUV rays are not only bad for your skin, they can fade upholstery and carpets and damage delicate furniture. Double glazing protects your interiors by blocking harmful rays and preventing discolouring.

Reduced Bills

Just as we turn the heating on over the winter, many properties now have cooling systems such as air conditioning units and electric fans switched on over the summer. Double glazing keeps your inner window panes cooler and therefore, the indoor temperatures more comfortable without the need to keep turning cooling systems on and off. So as in winter, double glazing helps to cut down on fuel bills making your house more energy efficient and reducing your carbon footprint.

The more you use your heating and cooling systems, the more they will need to be maintained. Less maintenance means they’ll last longer and there’ll be less need for expensive repairs and replacements.


If you live in a busy area or on a flight path, noise pollution can be a serious problem. Double glazing automatically cuts down on outside noise. During the summer it’s not just traffic that can be a nuisance. Outdoor pub areas can get rowdy, as can the neighbours who are holding an outdoor bbq that lasts long into the night. Double glazing allows you to sleep soundly with the windows closed.


Single paned windows are no problem for opportunistic builders to break in to. Double glazed windows are made from two panes of toughened glass and will make one hell of a racket if someone is trying to break in. They also have security enhanced framing and multi-point locking systems. In fact, today’s savvy burglar is more likely to leave a double glazed property alone and search for an easier target instead. Double glazing gives you the peace of mind that your property is well protected when you’re at home and also when you’re away on your summer holidays.

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