Aluminium Orangeries

Aluminium orangeries in Brighton and beyond for discerning homeowners – Ace Glass Southern is standing by to transform your home into a truly unique masterpiece.

A Welcome Renaissance

With a proud history dating back hundreds of years, the orangery has been an integral part of the regal and royal way of living since the 17th century. While recent years may have seen the much-loved conservatory take over as the new standard for UK homeowners, the classic orangery is making a comeback in a very big way.


Aluminium Orangeries

As with any home extension or added living space, there are several materials to choose from when going about your orangery design and installation. However, we never shy away from whole-heartedly recommending aluminium orangeries when quizzed on the options, as when it comes to both rugged robustness and the kinds of looks that are simply out of this world, nothing ticks all the right boxes quite like aluminium.

One of the most dependable and desirable building materials the world has ever had access to, aluminium is:

  • Up to three times stronger than uPVC and up to 30 times stronger than wood
  • Uniquely beautiful and elegant
  • Available in hundreds of different colours and finishes
  • Lightweight and therefore easier to install
  • Exceptionally durable for maximum lifespan
  • Brilliantly efficient as an insulator
  • Surprisingly affordable

Orangery or Conservatory?

In the case of the orangery, the final installation looks and feels more like a real extension to the home with a more conventional roof and walls which are paired with high-end glazing to let in as much light as possible. By contrast, a conservatory is for the most part an entirely glazed structure and therefore looks and feels more like an added extra than an actual part of the home.

So, whether you’re in need of a little guidance on the available orangery specifications or have any questions at all on which way to go, give the Ace Glass Southern team a call today, or pop into our showroom in Brighton.