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Sash windows have long been synonymous with Brighton properties, but many people dislike them because they have a reputation for being cold and draughty. Despite their combination of elegance and functionality, the humble sash has been inexplicably left out of building design in recent years. However, they’re beginning to appeal once more to designers and are making a long overdue comeback.

Part of this is due to modern materials making them readily available in uPVC format, with all the benefits of sound insulation, security and energy efficiency combined with their graceful period style.

A Little about Sash Windows

A sash window has one or more moveable panels and is most common in its vertical form in which the sash panels are moved up or down to open the window. The oldest examples in the UK were installed in the 1670s and are generally seen as a Dutch invention.
Sash windows are particularly common in Georgian and Victorian houses, hence their popularity in Brighton, and with such a large number of these remaining in the housing stock today there’s no shortage of demand for modern sash windows, before we even consider their popularity among the latest new-build housing schemes.

sash windows brighton

Modern Developments

Nowadays instead of traditional softwood construction, sash windows are also available in uPVC form. The aim of these is to replicate the aesthetic quality of traditional sash windows whilst overcoming the shortcomings of maintenance access and draughtiness that plagued the traditional variety.

The inbuilt advantage of the sash design is that they provide an efficient cooling system in warm weather. This is achieved by having both sashes open slightly, so that cool air can enter at a lower level with warm air exiting at the upper, forming an effective air circulation system.

It’s this simple energy efficient device that has now once more made sash windows the window of choice for the discerning homeowner.

Modern sash windows come with the high standards of thermal insulation that you’d expect from any other replacement window combined with the latest security devices, to meet both your conservation needs as well as keeping your energy bills low.

Today’s production materials allow them to keep their pristine condition for longer in the changeable British climate so you can enjoy the best of both worlds; modern energy efficiency and that beautiful period feel.

With their superior quality modern sash windows in a range of colours, styles and finishes, Ace Glass Southern offer a wide choice with installation anywhere in Brighton, Sussex or Surrey. To find out more get in touch with us today.

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