To Glaze or not to Glaze

It's a fact that across the southeast of England, double glazing has become very popular, mainly as many households realise that they can significantly cut their utility bills and add extra sound proofing to their homes. These factors are becoming more and more important as people are moving into cities and utility bills are steadily rising.


When comparing double glazing to usual windows, there are two pros to consider. When adding an extra pane of glass, there’s less of a likelihood that any amount of heat is able to escape. Also the reduction of cold air seepage is in action that traps air, much like adding loft insulation or a cavity wall. The way this works is by minimising circulation and creating poor air conduction. For this reason homes with double glazing usually enjoy a reduction in utility bills.
The second pro is that double glazing allows for a much better insulation therefore minimising noise. This is particularly favourable for those living in more urban environments.

New Regulations

Over recent years there has been a tightening of regulations as to which windows can be installed for home owners. This has come from the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), the regulators of energy efficiency of windows in the UK. As a result, home owners looking to renovate or develop, must consider the installation of double or triple glazed windows. Home owners with older properties are also considering making these significant updates in order to increase the value of the property.

The Cons

Despite the huge benefits to adding double glazing to your home, there are also some downsides to consider, one of which is the price. A set of new windows can be costly yet in the longterm a massive investment. Hundreds of pound per year can be saved by adding double glazing depending on the property size of course.

Its important to choose wisely however as prices vary and subject to the type of glass and style of frame. Also if your existing windows are damaged and then the cost could be extreme, as the entire window may have to be replaced with double glazed units rather than adapting the originals.


It is apparent that the cons to double glazing are outweighed by the pros. However we highly recommend before making such changes or additions, that you do your research. Make sure you speak to a variety of suppliers and preferably choose a local company that offer warranties and have a good and long track record. Obviously consider carefully the financial considerations of such an investment.

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