Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Superior quality aluminium windows sourced from the UK’s leading brands and installed by the industry’s most professional fitters. Ace Glass Southern in
Sussex is proud to offer the incredible AluK 58BW Window System, which is consistently regarded as the finest range of aluminium window products currently
available in the UK.

ALUK 58BW Window System

Ideally suited to residential and commercial properties alike, the AluK 58BW Window System is uniquely cost-effective yet superior-quality in every way.
Available in an enormous range of styles, configurations and design specifications, this window system is able to fit the needs of both homes and
businesses right down to the finest detail.

Design Features

  • External and internal glazing options
  • Contemporary or traditional appearances using Ovolo, chamfered or flat details
  • 70mm or 58mm depth of frames to accommodate multiple application types
  • Project out or project in options, where applicable
  • Integrated deep head profiles for ease of trickle ventilation
  • Thermal performance improved with polyamide thermal break design
  • 'Secured by Design' scheme certified
  • Superb acoustic and thermal performance with 22mm to 44m glazing units
  • Easy installation with dedicated fixing straps
  • Huge customisable hardware range available
  • Various colour and finish options including anodized finishes, polyester power coating and dual-colour options


  • Side Hung & Top Hung
  • Bottom Hung (Open In) & Side Hung
  • Turn/Tilt & Tilt/Turn
  • Tilt & Slide
  • Fully reversible
  • Externally or internally glazed options
  • Project out or project in options, where applicable
  • Lifetime Homes (LTH)

Our Stamp of Approval

Here at Ace Glass Southern, we’re more than proud to give our full approval and recommendation to the AluK 58BW Window System having seen and experienced
the difference first-hand over multiple domestic and commercial projects

For more information on the AluK 58BW Window System or any of the other windows, doors and conservatories we supply, give the dedicated team a call today.