Box Sash/ Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical sliding sash windows offer the character and charm of a traditional window with the long term performance of modern production materials. Ace Glass Southern is proud to offer the UK’s most elite sash windows systems to our clients in Brighton, Sussex and Surrey!

Form and Function, Perfectly Balanced

Discerning designers throughout the UK are once again flocking to sash window systems to bring homes and properties a nice balance of form and function. A classic and elegant option among traditional window designs, sliding sash systems have been popular for generations and its popularity continues to grow.

The key benefits of modern sash window systems include:

  • Traditional aesthetics with cutting edge performance
  • Incredible home security
  • Superior thermal properties, lower energy bill
  • Endless styles, colours and finishes available
  • Low-maintenance with longer lifespan
  • All year round functionality
  • The most competitive price guaranteed
  • Run through sash horns
  • Superior Performance

Our vertical sliding sash windows boast excellent thermal properties, so when upgrading your windows you will benefit from better heat conservation and reduced heating bills. Superior weathering performance will ensure your new windows retain their pristine appearance year after year, regardless of what the Great British weather decides to throw at them. As such, you can take home the very best of both worlds - the charm and character of a traditional vertical slider and the benefits of a modern uPVC window.

Sash Windows – Back In the Frame

Classic sash windows have recently stepped squarely back into the spotlight as one of the UK’s favourite and most fashionable features for homes of distinction. They are tried and trusted design choices to home furnishings for generations and are bound to be just as cherished for generations to come – a true illustration of timelessness.