Secondary Glazing Windows

Ace Glass Southern provides quality secondary glazing for sash windows across Brighton, Sussex and Surrey.


 Unique Benefits

The installation of secondary glazing will bring any classic or modern home an array of unique benefits, which include:

  • Better heat Retention for lower energy bills
  • Improved home security
  • Superior functionality throughout all seasons
  • An affordable home improvement
  • No effect on the home’s exterior aesthetic
  • Multiple finishes and styles available to suite all homes types
  • UK's most competitive prices guaranteed

With a secondary window system in place, the home’s energy efficiency, security and protection from exterior noise pollution are taken to entirely new levels. What’s more, secondary glazing has no impact whatsoever on the home’s current exterior aesthetic, making it that ideal option for homeowners looking to bring their homes in line with 21st century energy standards while at the same time retaining that all-important traditional exterior charm.

Long-Term Savings

Secondary glazing for sash windows is considered one of the most popular types of upgrade. Considering that the more traditional and dated sash windows have a tendency to be draughty, ill-fitting and generally inefficient by modern standards. In areas of the house where the windows do not retain optimum heat, this could be the best solution.

Comprehensive Customer Care

We understand that this may seem an unusual choice to most, which is why we provide a comprehensive customer care service and a no-pressure sales policy so we can help educate you on the subject of secondary glazing and why you need it.

Give the Ace Glass Southern team a call today for more information, or pay us a visit at our Lewes Road showroom.